All Photos Have a Story

This is the first picture Chris and I took together in 2004.

I had just graduated Waverly-Shell Rock High School and he had just finished up his sophomore
year at Wartburg College.

I remember framing it for him for our first Christmas together.

It must have won him over because we've been together ever since!

All of our photos have a story.

But aside from our wedding, and lots of weddings we've been to, we don't have a lot of just US.

Well, except for the typical self-portraits snapped on one of our cell phones.

And as we're going through the home study process, I've been getting a little worried.

What are the photos we're going to show potential birth parents?

In that pro file will be dozens of photos.

Of Chris and Shelley being "Chris and Shelley."

I want those photos to be ones that tell a story.

That tell who we are.

That show how much we love each other.

I reached out to one of my favorite photographers, Kerri.

Seriously, this gal's got talent...

In my message I explained what I was looking for, and that I wanted these photos to be special.

Special because these are the rst photos birth parents will see of us.

These are the photos a birth parent will see and ask, "Do I want my baby to be a part of this family?"

I explained to Kerri that our budget was pretty much non-existent because of the expenses with
the adoption process.

But I didn't have to wait long to hear back from her.

I got a voicemail.

Do you know what she said?

"I would be honored."

[cue: tears falling]



We are so excited to work with Kerri next month.

Photos are something I didn't want to worry about.

But I was.

And now I know I don't have to.

Because Kerri's got some real talent.

But you know what?

She's got a bigger heart.

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