Being Adopted Doesn't Make a Kid Crazy

[Unnamed Person]: "I heard you're adopting!"

Me: "Yes, we're so excited!"

[Unnamed Person]: "I know so-and-so who adopted, and their kid is CRAZY."

Me: "Well, I know a lot of crazy kids [insert sarcastic laugh here]."

A version of the above conversation has happened more times than I can count.

What's worse is when [Unnamed Person] proceeds to tell me a horri fic adoption story nightmare.

Do I want to hear about adoptions that tore a family apart?

Not really.

Is it a reality I'm aware of?


Do parents sometimes adopt kids who turn out to be "crazy?"

Uh, yeah. I guess.

But I'd also argue this:

A lot of kids -- biological or adopted -- are "crazy."

(Side note: Yesterday I spent the afternoon with ten elementary students, and my hair turned grayer by the minute. No joke. I would argue they were all a little "crazy!")

Here's my longer response [that's usually too long-winded to o er when the above mentioned conversations happen]:

I know a lot of really great kids.

I also know a heck of a lot of "crazy" kids.

Most of 'em aren't adopted.

I know there are risks involved with adoption.

I'm well aware of them.

So there's really no need to tell me a story about how some adoption went bad because a "kid turned
out to be 'crazy.'"

Being adopted doesn't make a kid crazy.

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