We're Adopting. I'm Not Pregnant.

I love adoption, and I love talking about adoption.

But here's what I don't love...

When someone says this:

"Oh, you're adopting? You know what THAT means..."


I do know what that means.

We're adopting a baby!

Their response?

"Well, so-and-so adopted, and they got pregnant right away!"

It takes almost everything in me not to roll my eyes.

[OK, let's be real. Maybe I do roll my eyes.]

Good for them.

But our focus is welcoming our baby through adoption.

We are not adopting because we want to get pregnant afterward.

Our minds aren't even going there!

I'm sure that's not what everyone means when they make that comment.

Because I know people, too, who have found themselves pregnant after adoption.

But I wish people didn't assume that's what all adoptive parents want.

For us, it's just another statement that detracts from our real excitement.

I find myself getting defensive with comments like these because I feel like a lot of people view
adoption as the "second-best" option.

For our family, it's not.

It's #1.

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