Where we're at in the Adoption Process

I've had a few readers email me and ask where we're at in our adoption process, so I thought I'd give an update.

Since signing on with Susan from Christian Adoption Consultants, we've jumped into the adoption

process full-speed.

Susan, and a fellow adoptive mom, helped us narrow down a caseworker for our homestudy.

We're hoping to have our homestudy completed by next month.

[Cross your fingers!]

To date, we've finished:

2 Homestudy Questionnaires -- 1 for each of us (14 pages)

10 year residence history for both of us (1 page)

Adoption Homestudy Services Agreement (3 pages)

Authorization for Background Check in Iowa (2 pages)

Authorization for Background Check in Nebraska (2 pages)

Authorization for Background Check in Colorado (2 pages)

Waiver of Confidentiality (1 page)

2 copies each of: Driver's License, SS card, insurance cards, birth certificates (8 pages)

Copy of marriage license (1 page)

Copy of Maggie's veterinary record (3 pages)

Assessor's evaluation of our home (5 pages)

Financial statements (1 page)

Budget worksheet (2 pages)

Tax returns for 2 previous years (4 pages)

Employer verification with notary (2 pages)

Physician evaluation with notary (2 pages)

Resumes/job history (4 pages)

Six references from family and friends (6 pages)

Plus fi ngerprints at the Sheriff's Office, a home tour and 2-hour interview with our caseworker who
is working on our home study, and two painful tetanus shots.


63 PAGES of paperwork in the past MONTH.

Not only am I happy to have all 63 pages complete...
I'm just as happy to have our dining room table back again!

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