Happy Mom's Day to All the Women I Know

Happy Mother's Day to two of my favorites - my mom and my grandma!

Happy Mother's Day to my friends who are already great moms.

To my girlfriends who have lost their children too soon.

To my future child's birth mother who chooses our family for her baby to join.

To all birth mothers who make a selfless choice by allowing their child to grow up in a world and
family she knows she couldn't provide.

To my girlfriends who are single but take on the role of the world's greatest aunts and motherly
role models.

To my co-workers who [somehow] find an appropriate balance between work, motherhood and life.

To my friends who are grad students, widows, wives, sisters, cousins and "Moms" to cute 4-legged

I hope you ALL find joy in today, and a sense of self-worth in knowing that no matter WHO you are, you are deserving of a day in your honor.

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