Adoption Profiles: Ordered!

Just a short update post, but an exciting one!

Our profiles have been printed, bound and shipped.

I just talked with the nice folks at the UPS Store in Leawood, KS, and I'm told the profiles will be at our doorstep sometime tomorrow!

Our adoption consultant, Susan, did a fantastic job helping us showcase who we are -- and I can't wait to see them in person!

Now it'll be onto agency applications and mounds of [more] paperwork, but we're headed in a good direction :-)

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An Adoption Profile Update

We are **THIS CLOSE** to being done with our adoption profile!

This is the next big step for us, and it's exciting to be at this point.

Our adoption consultant, Susan, is putting our profile together beautifully.

We had to write a novel answer 30+ questions about us and our relationship and our jobs and our
families and our town; we also had to weed through hundreds of photos of us, our town, our family and friends, our house, etc.

We're just going through the draft with a fine tooth comb to make sure it's exactly how we want it before we send it o with applications for agencies.

Once our applications are in [complete with our pro file, required fees, home study certification, reference letters, medical records, etc.], it's just a matter of time before our profile will get shown to birth mothers who are making an adoption plan.


[And scary at the same time...but mostly exciting!]

During the wait, we'll continue preparing and praying for our baby -- and his or her birth family -- that this process will go as smoothly as possible.

We hope you'll join us.



What I [really] Think About Birth Mothers

We've been working on putting together our profile that will go to birth parents who have made an adoption plan for their baby.

To be honest, it's been hard.

Not only are there dozens of tough questions about us, our relationship, our home and our future

But what do you say to a woman who is considering you as a parent to raise her baby?

For someone who writes for a living (literally), it's been difficult for us to express what we want to

But there are some things I know for sure:

-We will NEVER tell our child his or her birth momma didn't love him or her. For it was only out
of love that she realized she couldn't provide the life for her child it deserved.

-We will ALWAYS talk of our child's birth mother and/or father with love and respect. For it was
because of love that an adoption plan was made for this baby.

-We will ALWAYS respect our child's birth mother for the decision she made. For it was out of
faith that she took a leap and trusted us with her baby to be raised in our home and in our family.


Pancakes [With Love]

I still can't believe how great our pancake breakfast was yesterday!

Chris and I are overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement we received from more
than 200 people who came.

There are so many people to thank for helping us raise more than $3,000!

This money will be used to help cover expenses for the birth mother of our baby [who we haven't met
just yet].

We've put a big dent in the nearly $30,000 we're expecting to have to pay for this process.

Our families helped tremendously in making the pancake breakfast so successful -- especially our parents, my grandma, my sister Lindee and her hubby Phil, and my brother Joe and his wife Jess.

(I think my mom and grandma could go into some type of event planning if they wanted to!)

We had a LOT of help from some very dear friends [who are like family].
Our church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, allowed us to use the building for free, and we are so
We also had dozens of fantastic bake sale items [that went FAST!], including my mom's famous
monster bars and french onion pretzels, Grandma's homemade pies and Kolaches, cookies, delicious
homemade cinnamon rolls...

Not only are we so grateful for the people "behind-the-scenes," but we are absolutely humbled by
the support of those who came [with appetites]!
We laughed with some friends.

Hugged some more family members.

Caught up with neighbors, former teachers, principals, co-workers.

And we met some WONDERFUL people -- many of them whose lives have been blessed by adoption.

We heard lots of great adoption stories and met some lovely people who were adopted.

Chris and I are so encouraged by the support of EVERYONE who came and shared in our excitement in this journey we're on.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Thank you for your generosity. For your prayers. And for your support.

We are truly humbled.