What I [really] Think About Birth Mothers

We've been working on putting together our profile that will go to birth parents who have made an adoption plan for their baby.

To be honest, it's been hard.

Not only are there dozens of tough questions about us, our relationship, our home and our future

But what do you say to a woman who is considering you as a parent to raise her baby?

For someone who writes for a living (literally), it's been difficult for us to express what we want to

But there are some things I know for sure:

-We will NEVER tell our child his or her birth momma didn't love him or her. For it was only out
of love that she realized she couldn't provide the life for her child it deserved.

-We will ALWAYS talk of our child's birth mother and/or father with love and respect. For it was
because of love that an adoption plan was made for this baby.

-We will ALWAYS respect our child's birth mother for the decision she made. For it was out of
faith that she took a leap and trusted us with her baby to be raised in our home and in our family.

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