Garage Sale Breakdown: The Good, Bad + Grand Total!

I'm letting my sister, Lindee, take the floor on the blog today since she and her hubby spearheaded our garage sale fundraiser this past weekend.

The garage sale fundraiser was Thursday - Saturday.

Grand total: $1002.84!!

Garage Sale Adoption FundraiseWhat was the best idea implemented at the garage sale?

Reaching out to family and friends to let them know we were doing this as a fundraiser.

Lots of people had items -- some had a lot, some had a few -- that they didn't want or need anymore.

And some people were happy to empty their closets!

What was a waste of time, or something you wouldn't do again?

I can't think of anything that was a waste of time.

Pricing the items took a lot of time - 85 percent of items were less than a few bucks!

TIP: If family members are participating, see if they'll price donated items before dropping them off !
Garage Sale Adoption Fundraise
What was the hardest part about the garage sale fundraiser?

It took a LOT of time to put it all together.

Tagging each item and going through boxes of donated items was the most time-consuming.

And then trying to organize that many items.

We made sure to post signs about the garage sale being an adoption fundraiser.

This triggered a LOT of wonderful conversations and support from complete strangers!
Garage Sale Adoption Fundraise
What's the best piece of advice you received while preparing for fundraiser?

Price items in 25 cent increments.

We had LOTS of things that were 25 cents or 50 cents.

A majority of our items were under a dollar.

All of those little purchases add up.

It is very true that one person's "junk" is another person's treasure.

Don't throw away ANYTHING before trying to sell it.

I was shocked at some of the things that sold!

By the third day, things were pretty picked over, so

EVERYTHING was 50 percent off.

We got rid of a lot of items in the last 30-minutes!
Garage Sale Adoption Fundraise
What are a few tips you would give others considering hosting a similar fundraiser?

-On the last day, offer 50 % off. Items that don't have a price-ask for an offer.

-Sell cold bottled water for a dollar-especially in this heat.

-Have someone bilingual in English & Spanish (it was a huge plus for our sale).

-Advertise online (we used Craigslist and the Des Moines Register).

-We had a canopy tent for the "check-out area." It worked out well, so we could stay in the shade and out of the way.

-Use an old school desk to hold your extras: price tags, bags, tape, markers, brochures, money, etc.

-Post a sign describing the fundraiser. People are less likely to barter prices knowing it goes to a specific cause.

-Waterproof your signs.

-Get TONS of plastic bags. We had hundreds and used every last one of them!

-After a sale, throw in a flyer with a link to your blog/additional ways people can help if they're interested.

I am still amazed at how successful our garage sale adoption fundraiser was this past weekend!

To all the family members and friends -- even strangers in Des Moines -- who donated their treasures
for us to sell: THANK YOU! 

And special thanks to my sister, Lindee, and her hubby, Phil, who organized this fundraiser and lived to tell all about it!

We're so grateful...

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