Hurting Hearts: We Weren't Chosen

Our hearts hurt.

A lot.

Today we found out we weren't chosen.


This situation was di fferent than the last.

A baby girl was born Monday.

She was healthy.

She was in a hospital with no family of her own.

The birth mother wanted to make an adoption plan.

She needed to choose a family.

And choose a family quickly.

In a matter of hours we talked with work.

We talked with family.

They were cautiously excited.

We made plans.

We wrote a personal letter to the birth mom.

We explained how excited we were to meet her.

We told her how much we would love her daughter.

A small part of us might have already started.

We didn't care that we had no stroller.

No out fit for her to wear out of the hospital.

No diapers.

No bottles.

We were going to figure it out.

We were hopeful.

We were ready to get on the next flight to meet our baby the minute that phone rang.

But the phone never rang.

All day.

It never rang.

Today has been a long day of waiting.

Tonight we finally heard word that the birth mother chose another family.

We weren't chosen.


And it hurts.

Then our adoption consultant, Susan, reminded us this:

While some of you wait, 
while some of you pray, 
while some of you hope and dream, 
know that those who are celebrating today with little ones 
were in your shoes.
The waiting ends.
The prayers are answered.
The hopes and dreams come true.
God is faithful and families are made.

This is what I'm holding onto.

Our time of celebration will come.

Our waiting will end.

For now we're choosing to be grateful this baby girl -- who we never got to meet -- will have a home with a family who loves her.

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