The Stroller Fiasco

Who woulda thought it'd be SO gosh dang hard to pick out a stroller?

I mean, seriously!

Can't they make just one universal stroller for every baby?

We did manage to pick one out for our registry that has an infant car seat included thanks to the
helpful folks at Babies R Us.

So the so-called "Stroller Fiasco" was pretty short-lived.

Thank God.

Then we moved onto other important decisions like baby carriers and pack-n-plays and bottles.
Our experience [as adoptive-parents-to-be] at Babies R Us has been so wonderful.

When we walked into the West Des Moines store the other day, and an employee greeted us with a big smile.

"Do you know what you're having?" she asked.

"Not yet, we're adopting," I said.

"Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I love hearing about adoption!"
she said.

The kindness continued throughout our 2340983 circles around the store.

And what I thought was going to be an overwhelming task was actually really fun.

Plus, it was a good excuse to look at cute baby stu ff like this (right, Mom...er, Grams-to-be?!):

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