Momma Knows Best!

Already wrapped around Daddy's finger!

Lil' Liv decided to [ finally] fall asleep at 5:30 AM and sleep for 4-hours.

[Side note: HUGE thank you to my co-worker and evening anchor Amanda Goodman for "The
Happiest Baby" CD -- it has been a life saver!]

When we woke up, we had 20-minutes to feed her, change her, and get to breakfast at the hotel
before it closed.

So we frantically got her all ready and we went to breakfast in our pajamas... like walking zombies, of course.

When we arrived at 5-minutes to close, all the wait staff were googling over how pretty and tiny
she was.

Our waiter said, "Let's get you guys woke up!" and gave us an entire POT of coff ee.

He knew it was more than just a "one-coff ee-cup" type of morning.

He said he wished he had something for Olivia to sit in, and I said "I'll just hold her, she'll probably start crying if I set her down anywhere," knowing full well what she's capable of after last night.

You know what he said?


First time in public someone recognized me as Olivia's Momma!

And it felt so good :-)

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