Our Sweet Daughter: Olivia Grace

Adoptive Parents Meet Daughter
Dear Olivia,

You're only a few days old and already you have quite the life story!

On August 2nd at 10:22 in the morning, a sweet momma gave birth to you.

You were 6 lbs 6 oz. and affectionately called, "Lil' bit" in the nursery because you were so tiny with a lil' bit of sass!

Your beautiful momma wanted to give you more than she knew she was able to provide.

So she made a very hard decision to find a family for you.

We're told your momma knew she wanted you to join our family at 1:30 the next morning after she read you our profile more than five times.

She says she wanted to be sure you liked us so she asked you to take a bottle if you wanted us to come and swoop you up into our family.

And that's when you took your bottle.

She says that was her sign.

The next morning after you were born, I got a SURPRISE phone call just as I was getting ready for work.

Your daddy had already gone to work so it was just me and Maggie [your soon-to-be best friend].

I screamed.

"Are you serious?!"

I cried.

I couldn't even talk.

I paced around the house.

Your momma's counselor cried with me on the phone.

The rest is a whirlwind.

I called our adoption consultant, Susan, right away to help us figure out what we needed to do.
Adoptive Parents Meet Daughter
The first priority was getting all the paperwork in order.
Adoptive Parents Meet Daughter
And let me tell ya, that was tough after we received our first photo of you on our cell phones!

I called your Gramma and Grandpa Russell.

Your Gramma Russell let out the loudest scream I've heard in a LONG time!

She yelled to your grandpa who was mowing the lawn, "Kevin, shut the mower off! We're going to have a granddaughter!!"

I called your Aunt Lindee who yelled, "Shut Up!" at least five times before she started believing you were really our little girl.

I told her I needed her to find us flights and a hotel and [of course] a cute out t to bring you home in. She and Uncle Phil got right to town, making sure we had everything we needed.

Your Uncle Joe was at work and your Aunt Jess answered her phone. They were bursting at the seams with excitement.

And your other Grandma and Grandpa got a message from your Dad before I could call them.

They couldn't believe you were going to be their granddaughter, either!
Adoptive Parents Meet Daughter
Lots of people stepped up to help us in a very short amount of time.

Your daddy's parents drove us all the way to Des Moines so we could work on paperwork during the drive.

When we got to Des Moines, a handful of friends were at your Aunt Lindee and Uncle Phil's house with pink champagne and Scratch cupcakes to celebrate!
Adoptive Parents Meet Daughter
It was less than 18-hours from getting that surprise phone call, and we found ourselves up at 2:30 in the morning to catch a flight to meet you!

Your daddy and I only slept an hour.

Everyone warned us it was a sign of what's to come.
Catching Flight to Meet Daughter
Aunt Lindee and Uncle Phil dropped us o ff at the Des Moines Airport at 3:00 Sunday morning!

By the time we landed, we were exhausted.

Our eyes were red.

Our heads hurt.

But we soon forgot about how little sleep we had because we met your birth momma.

And let me tell you, sweetie.

She is BEAUTIFUL inside and out.

She talked about how much she loved you.

How she wanted you to have the BEST family.

One that would love you unconditionally.

We laughed when she told us how you would do somersaults in her tummy until she ate a Kit Kat bar.

And not just a regular Kit Kat bar.

A king-size Kit Kat bar.

[Thatta girl!]

I reassured her you'll fit right in with your new Momma's sweet tooth ;-)
Adopting Our Daughter
We told her how much we already love you.

And how we always will.

And how she will ALWAYS be a part of our family for she has given us the greatest gift of all:


Words could never express how happy we are that your story is part of ours.

We are so blessed.

We love you sweet thing.

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