The Height of Sleep Deprivation

You know you've arrived at the height of sleep deprivation when you consider using toothpicks to
hold your eyes open
one or more of the following happens to you as a new parent:

-You leave the sprinkler on for more than 12-hours

-You go to bed without shutting the garage door

-You pour a glass of wine without popping the cap o ff

-You go to Wal-Mart to get weed killer, but end up getting groceries instead without said weed

-You forget to eat breakfast and don't realize it until almost lunch

-You forget a load of laundry in the washer

-You forget a load of laundry in the dryer

-You go to an appointment an hour early

-You go to an appointment an hour late

-You wear mismatched shoes to church

-You grind co ffee beans, pour water in coff ee maker, but forget to push "brew"

-You leave your wallet at home

-You remind your spouse of the same appointment at least 239084 times within a 60-minute window

-You leave home without your phone and return home to get said phone, then end up leaving home
again without the phone you forgot in the fi rst place

-You pop in a pan of lasagna, set the timer but forget to actually turn the oven on

Finally, you know you've hit the peak of sleep deprivation when you experience constant eye-burning, nagging headaches and uncontrollable head bobs just about anywhere, including [but not limited to] your desk, car, chair, dental offi ce, dining room table, church and/or while standing up.

But at the end of the day(s), there's one thing you can't forget -- no matter HOW sleep deprived
you are:

She's worth it!

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