10 Signs You're a New Mom

You know you're a new Momma when you do one or more of the following at any given time or

1.) Start making up songs about your child -- and singing them to your child -- at 2:00 in the
morning (note: these songs can consist of the words poop, sleep, toot and/or the phrase "stop crying")

2.) You've memorized every song on your child's swing

3.) You can't fall asleep unless you're listening to music from said swing

4.) You've nailed down a method to carrying three bottles and formula dispensers downstairs WITH a baby and burp cloth at the same time (that takes talent, my friends!)

5.) You dance around your child's nursery to try and soothe your baby to sleep

6.) You wake up even if your child hasn't woken up just to make sure your baby's still breathing

7.) You seem to have lost five of the six paci fiers SOMEWHERE

8.) You can swaddle your child snuggly in record time...with your eyes closed

9.) Your conversations with others consist of poop schedules and feeding times and doctor's appointments

10.) You've never been so happy to be so tired in. your. life.

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