I'm not sure why, but today I started doubting myself...

Questioning why I've been so open about the adoption process.

Wondering why I've been so honest about the good and the bad this adoption road has led us on.

My fear is that one day, Olivia will look me in the eyes and say, "Mom, why'd you share so much about my adoption?" or, "Why'd you share so many pictures of me?"

I was sitting at my desk in between live shots and my mind was racing.

Will she resent me for any of this?

Is it worth it?

Then I heard the "beep" of a Facebook message on my computer.

It was as if God knew I needed a bit of reassurance, and in that split second, He provided it.

This is what the message said:

Hi Shelley,
I just wanted to write you a note to say not only have I enjoyed the transparency of the journey that adoption is and your family's willingness to be vulnerable about its intricacies, but that your openness has given me the opportunity to see all of the creative ways to make adoption possible for any family who feels called to adopt.
I have often heard from people considering adoption, "It's just too expensive (the adoption process, that is)," and now, through your transparency, I am able to reference an awesome family who heard the call to adopt and refused to let any barrier get in the way of trusting God and having the courage to act on the call.
Thank you so much! Your family has inspired me in so many ways- not only to listen more to my own instinct that one day I may be called to adopt kids, but you've also shown me that if adoption isn't part of my own personal calling, I can still support the adoption process by supporting other families who are.
             God Bless your family now and in the many wonderful years yet to come!


THIS was exactly what I needed today.

Now I can breathe a bit easier because when -- or if -- Olivia asks me why I was so open about her
joining our family, I'll be able to tell her that HER story changed lives.
That this little girl inspired people.

And that being public about her adoption wasn't all for nothing.

Another lesson I learned today:

If you've been wanting to off er encouragement to someone else, but haven't made time to do it...do it.

Do it now.

 It might be the reassurance that person's needing.

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