The No-Changing-Table Dilemma


Shouldn't it be a requirement to have changing tables in all public restrooms?!
I'm not saying they all need to be nice and plush like the nursery, but SOMETHING off the floor
would be great!

I'm a slight full-blown germaphobe, and I cringe at the thought of changing Olivia's diaper on the floor of a public restroom.


I can't tell you how many times I've had to walk back out to a parking lot [uphill both ways in the snow, mind you...] to change her because I just can't. do. it. on the floor of a public bathroom.

And before some of you start telling me about those convenient, portable changing pads -- stop.
I already know they make these.

And I already have one.

BUT putting it on the FLOOR of a public bathroom [God knows what else has been there] and
then folding it back up and putting it back into the diaper bag with her bibs and bottles and burp rags is a bit much for this germaphobe Momma.

Moms -- I'd love to know:

What have you used to make the no-changing-table dilemma easier?

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