Our Profile Photo Session

The rain held off for our photo session with Kerri Photography today!

She's generously sharing her talents to help us with our adoption profile.

We wanted some fun family photos of us with Maggie to show potential birth parents.
And who better than this gal to trust with that feat?

Chris and I had a LOT of fun today.

Kerri is so down-to-earth.

She's real.

And it's just natural with her.
She would say things like:

"I want you to be yourselves and just hug. 
I'm not going to tell you how to hug. 
Just hug as if you're communicating with each other 
how proud you are of what you've accomplished 
in this journey."


She's that awesome, folks.
Knowing we'll have some beautiful family photos to show potential birth parents is such a weight off
our shoulders.

We are so grateful.


The Faith + Coffee Cure

I don't know what it is about today.

Perhaps it's a dip in the "roller coaster" of our family's journey.

I can't quite put my finger on why I'm feeling discouraged.



Completely exhausted.

I hate waiting.

I've never been the most patient person [most of my family members and friends can attest to that].

So this whole waiting "stuff" has sucked all the energy out of me.

Even my morning coffee isn't offering its usual fix.

It's easy for me to get lost in the notion of, "What's this all for?"

And with no concrete timeline mapped out for our adoption, I'm finding myself frustrated and
sometimes lost in the fluidity of the situation.

I hate uncertainty.

And it's driving me crazy not knowing what the next week or few months will bring.

What paperwork we forgot to file.

What application we need to fill out.

What tests we need to complete.

It's hard to keep up.

And frankly, I'm overwhelmed.

But seemingly just when I needed it this morning, I read a devotional given to me from Chris' aunt Sally.

Today's words:

"I can meet every one of your needs."

My feelings of discouragement haven't completely subsided.

But I'm comforted.

Every one of our needs will be met.

Even on this unknown path, and the feelings of discouragement this morning, I'm reminded that faith [and coffee together] can cure just about anything.


Where we're at in the Adoption Process

I've had a few readers email me and ask where we're at in our adoption process, so I thought I'd give an update.

Since signing on with Susan from Christian Adoption Consultants, we've jumped into the adoption

process full-speed.

Susan, and a fellow adoptive mom, helped us narrow down a caseworker for our homestudy.

We're hoping to have our homestudy completed by next month.

[Cross your fingers!]

To date, we've finished:

2 Homestudy Questionnaires -- 1 for each of us (14 pages)

10 year residence history for both of us (1 page)

Adoption Homestudy Services Agreement (3 pages)

Authorization for Background Check in Iowa (2 pages)

Authorization for Background Check in Nebraska (2 pages)

Authorization for Background Check in Colorado (2 pages)

Waiver of Confidentiality (1 page)

2 copies each of: Driver's License, SS card, insurance cards, birth certificates (8 pages)

Copy of marriage license (1 page)

Copy of Maggie's veterinary record (3 pages)

Assessor's evaluation of our home (5 pages)

Financial statements (1 page)

Budget worksheet (2 pages)

Tax returns for 2 previous years (4 pages)

Employer verification with notary (2 pages)

Physician evaluation with notary (2 pages)

Resumes/job history (4 pages)

Six references from family and friends (6 pages)

Plus fi ngerprints at the Sheriff's Office, a home tour and 2-hour interview with our caseworker who
is working on our home study, and two painful tetanus shots.


63 PAGES of paperwork in the past MONTH.

Not only am I happy to have all 63 pages complete...
I'm just as happy to have our dining room table back again!


We're Adopting. I'm Not Pregnant.

I love adoption, and I love talking about adoption.

But here's what I don't love...

When someone says this:

"Oh, you're adopting? You know what THAT means..."


I do know what that means.

We're adopting a baby!

Their response?

"Well, so-and-so adopted, and they got pregnant right away!"

It takes almost everything in me not to roll my eyes.

[OK, let's be real. Maybe I do roll my eyes.]

Good for them.

But our focus is welcoming our baby through adoption.

We are not adopting because we want to get pregnant afterward.

Our minds aren't even going there!

I'm sure that's not what everyone means when they make that comment.

Because I know people, too, who have found themselves pregnant after adoption.

But I wish people didn't assume that's what all adoptive parents want.

For us, it's just another statement that detracts from our real excitement.

I find myself getting defensive with comments like these because I feel like a lot of people view
adoption as the "second-best" option.

For our family, it's not.

It's #1.