Happy Mom's Day to All the Women I Know

Happy Mother's Day to two of my favorites - my mom and my grandma!

Happy Mother's Day to my friends who are already great moms.

To my girlfriends who have lost their children too soon.

To my future child's birth mother who chooses our family for her baby to join.

To all birth mothers who make a selfless choice by allowing their child to grow up in a world and
family she knows she couldn't provide.

To my girlfriends who are single but take on the role of the world's greatest aunts and motherly
role models.

To my co-workers who [somehow] find an appropriate balance between work, motherhood and life.

To my friends who are grad students, widows, wives, sisters, cousins and "Moms" to cute 4-legged

I hope you ALL find joy in today, and a sense of self-worth in knowing that no matter WHO you are, you are deserving of a day in your honor.


An Open Letter: To The Moms That Aren't

If you're a woman who has struggled with infertility, this post is for you.

While this Mother's Day weekend is special, I also know it's tough.

It can be hard for many reasons.

And a lot of people don't understand what it's like to be in your shoes.

A lot of people don't understand the pain Mother's Day brings with it.

The heartache that happens when you see kids at church with carnations for their moms.

Or watching happy families at restaurants where moms eat free.

And one of those families catching you gazing at them during dinner and asking you, "No kids

Or seeing the beautiful corsages and bright bouquets and greeting cards wishing all moms a "Happy Mother's Day."

Or even the small reminder jab that you can't enjoy a free Mother's Day sundae at Dairy Queen
because you don't have kids.

The holding back of tears when a cashier at the grocery stores says, "Happy Mother's Day!" and
all you want to do is yell, "I'M NOT A MOM [and it's not fair...]!"

On this weekend when we honor the very special moms out there [and there are many] -- I'm sending a special hug to the moms that aren't quite moms.


I get it.

And I hope you know you're not alone.


Homestudy: Check!

Not gonna lie, I kinda wanna frame this!

Now that the State of Iowa knows every single detail about us and sees us fit to adopt, we'll be working on our pro file and sending out applications to agencies.

In other words, we have LOTS more paperwork, reference checks, agency requirements, etc., but we're movin' in the right direction!

Keep the prayers coming!

They are working.