Heartfelt Ways to Honor Her Birth Mom

How do you honor a birth mom?

How do you thank her for choosing your family for your daughter?
Heartfelt Ways to Honor Her Birth Mom, Open Adoption
Chris and I have wracked our brains around this for months.

We love and adore this beautiful woman, and we always will.

She selflessly chose LIFE for her baby.

Our daughter.

She bravely carried a healthy little girl in her belly for nine months, gave birth to her and left her in our arms forever.

When we invited friends and family to her adoption finalization last week, we included a self addressed request:
Heartfelt Ways to Honor Her Birth Mom

We asked some of our family and friends to fill out this note card with a message to Olivia's birth mom.
Heartfelt Ways to Honor Her Birth Mom
Compiled, they're proof of the ripple effect that one woman's choice has had on countless people.
Heartfelt Ways to Honor Her Birth Mom
We mailed the note cards, along with other sentimental items in a package to Olivia's birth mom.

Together, we share an immense amount of love for the same special little girl.

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  1. oh my I LOVE this idea. I may have to borrow it!!!

  2. You have my blessings, Mary Ellen! :)