Why Not?

I was staring at boxes of eye drops in the pharmacy when a woman pushing her baby in a cart said

I must have given her a confused look.

Because in my head I thought, "# $ %* #! My 'disguise' isn't working!"

Clearly my incognito look of no make-up, frazzled hair and sweatpants on my day o ff wasn't working.

[Lets face it, there are days I want to go to the store unnoticed and get home. This was one of

"WHY'D YOU ADOPT?" she asked again, almost yelling.

My dry eyes met hers in the middle of that aisle.

"Why not?" I asked her with a smile, as I grabbed a box of eye drops and walked away.

Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile know I sometimes grapple with how to handle
these types of situations.

Sometimes I'm a bit thrown off guard.

I love that people feel comfortable asking me questions about adoption.

And I love talking about it!

But sometimes, like the other day in the pharmacy, I just want to be the tired Momma running a quick errand.

And sometimes, like the other day in the pharmacy, I feel like I have no privacy.

Sure, it comes with the territory of being in the public eye.

But I didn't even know this lady's name.

And I can't imagine how Olivia would feel if she was older and could understand this lady's demand in knowing why we adopted her.

So I was proud of myself for responding how I did.

Which brings me to my point...[Yes. Believe it or not, I do have a point here...]

I think it's important for everyone to ask themselves the same question I posed for the woman in
the pharmacy:

Why not adopt?
-Don't know where to start?
-Don't know anyone who has adopted?
-Scared you'll get a "messed up" kid?
-Too much risk involved with someone else carrying your baby?

There are so many reasons people don't consider adoption.

So many.

And it's sad.

But let's face it -- the unknown is scary.

Yes, adoption itself is even scarier than someone recognizing you incognito at the pharmacy ;-)

[Seriously, do I look that disheveled on TV?]

When it boils down to it, though, I truly believe we ALL have an obligation to have an open heart
when it comes to adoption.

Do I believe adoption is right for everyone?


But I do believe everyone should ask themselves what they can do to support and love adoptive
families, birth parents and especially our precious adopted children.

And perhaps most importantly, I believe every single child -- no matter how young or how old -- deserves a loving, forever family.

No questions about it.

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