To My Daughter's 1st Mom on Mother's Day

To my sweet daughter's 1st Momma:

Today I get to celebrate my 1st Mother's Day.

And it's all because of you.

Because of your selfess, loving choice to do what you felt best for your perfect baby girl, I get to call
myself a Mom.

And I'm so grateful.
Grateful to see this girl's smiley face everyday.

I'm grateful I share this umbrella of motherhood with someone so amazing:


Because you -- my daughter's 1st momma -- are an inspiration.

You are beautiful.

You are courageous.

You are brave.

No doubt about it, I'm blessed to call this sweet, sassy, happy girl my daughter.

But I'm just as blessed to call her yours, too.

You chose life for her.

You chose me to be her Mom.

What an honor that is.

And today, while I get to celebrate being her Momma, I want you to know we're honoring you, too.

We love you.

So much.

Happy Mother's Day, to my daughter's 1st Momma.

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