To My Husband [On Father's Day]

To my husband on Father's Day:

I still remember getting the phone call that our daughter was born hundreds of miles from home.

I called you at work.

You reassured me you'd be on the road soon.

The first thing you did was find me frantically packing our suitcases.

I was frazzled and [only slightly] freaking out.

Diapers? Bottles? Clothes?

We didn't have any of it.

But you didn't care.

With tears welling up in your eyes, you gave me the biggest hug.

"I can't believe it..." you said.

Hours later, your parents were driving us to the airport.

We were in the back seat with a folded up stroller and empty car seat scribbling baby name ideas on a sheet of scratch paper.

"That's the one," you whispered with a smile as you pointed at the name "Olivia Grace."

We folded the sheet of paper and tucked it in a bag.

It was our little secret...for now.
Adoptive Family
We got only two hours of sleep before my sister and brother-in-law dropped us o at the airport where we were running on nothing but nerves, fear, excitement and joy.

When the flight attendant gave us a funny look with our empty stroller and car seat, you were beaming.

"We're going to meet our daughter," you said.

Our journey to parenthood is nothing short of a whirlwind.

Some details are clear, others are a bit foggy.

Because it happened so fast.
Seeing our daughter for the first time
But I will never forget the look on your face when you met your daughter swaddled tightly in that tiny little plastic bassinet.

When we walked into that small nursery, there was ONE baby.

You held my hand as we walked closer.

She was ours.
Love at First Sight
I looked up at you with tears streaming down my face, only to see just as many tears streaming down yours.

And that was the moment I knew how lucky this precious little girl was to have you as her Daddy.

The road to becoming a dad hasn't always been easy, but my goodness -- it's been worth it all!

Happy Father's Day!

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