My Favorite One-Year Old

Dear Sassy Pants Olivia,

You are such a gem.

I love your excitement for LIFE.

Thanks for showing your daddy and me what it's like to see the world with joy.

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Girl!

Here's to cupcakes all day!

We love you!


One Year Ago...

Daughter's Birthday
One year ago tonight, our adoption consultant Susan emailed us.

The subject:

"Baby Girl being born - URGENT!"

Chris and I overnighted our profile with all sorts of photos and information about us.

We also wrote her a letter.

It read [in part]:

"We are eager and excited at the thought of having your baby girl as part of our family! She will be so loved. Just the thought of having a little girl makes us both smile...

If you choose us to adopt your little girl, we promise to unconditionally love her. We will love her all the years of our lives. When she’s crawling and getting into things she shouldn’t, we will still love her. When we’re out for dinner on a Friday night in a crowded restaurant and she throws her food off her highchair, we’ll still love her. When she has her first date (which Chris says will be a hard day for him!), we will love her. And when she graduates high school, goes off to college, becomes a young woman and maybe even gets married, we will love her.

We will offer her stability, guidance and advice she sometimes might not like. But we will always love her and care for her..."

Then we prayed.

We waited.

And prayed some more.

Hours later, at 10:30 in the morning the most beautiful, perfect little girl was born in a Texas hospital to the most beautiful, courageous woman we have ever met.

And as this brave momma sat feeding her most beautiful perfect little girl, she prayed for God to help her choose the perfect family for her daughter.
We saw our first glimpse of her on our cell phone.

Being chosen to be this girl's momma this past year has been my greatest joy, greatest privilege.