My "I'm-Not-On-TV-Anymore" Bucket List

It's official.

I'm leaving the glass fishbowl that is television news.

And because of that, I feel like I'm a free woman fish out of water.

I mean, seriously. 

What do people do with weekends off? 

Eight-hour days?

Holidays at home?

Walking out of a newsroom for the last time today is gonna be bittersweet.

I'm looking forward to my new position, and there's a few other things I'm excited about, too.

Here's my "I'm-Not-On-TV-Anymore" Bucket List:

1-Wear patterns. Polka dots. I really kinda wanna wear polka dots. But shoot. I don't even know if I look good in polka dots. The world is about to find out...

2-Grow my hair out long enough to donate it. 'Cause you know what? My lion's mane won't need to be tamed every day.

3-Speaking of lion's mane...I'm gonna go an entire week without straightening my hair.

4-Cut my make-up budget in half. Sorry Not sorry, Bare Minerals.

5-Empty out my "work bag." Yes, including the extra ear piece for live shots, notepads, granola bar crumbs, business cards, 807234 pens (I'm sure only half of them work), etc. Perhaps I'll even switch to a regular size purse? That might be pushing it though, folks...

6-Wear fancy jewelry. The kind that's "too distracting" for TV. Ain't nothin' too flashy for a PR gig, though! #winning

7-Schedule a lunch date at least once a month with a friend. Because Lord God Almighty, I'll have a lunch break! What?!?! Sorry Not Sorry, Hardees and Culvers drive-thrus.
8-Get rid of 80 percent of my winter apparel because GUESS WHO'S NOT COVERING WINTER SNOWSTORMS ANYMORE? Shelley "The Snow Reporter" Russell is signin' off, people! I'll watch the snowflakes fall from the comfort of my office while sipping a warm cup of coffee instead.

9-Color my hair from a box. No need to spend hours away at the salon when the hubby can do it for $10!
10-Get rid of these fashionable disgusting, uncomfortable flood boots. No more trudging through mud and floodwater with worms the size of snakes. Dear boots: We've been through 5 years of flooding with the Missouri River, Cedar River, Yellow River, Mississippi River and every creek between here and Western Nebraska. I'm sorry not sorry, but we have to say goodbye. And yes, you'll be replaced with CUTE footwear.

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