Real Life: Yeh. She Cries.

I tell people all the time our sweet lil' daughter is one of the happiest girls around.

[I think she knows she's EXTRA loved by her birth family and her forever family!]

I sometimes go a teensy bit overboard with plastering all kinds of Olivia cuteness on Facebook.

So much that some friends we ran into the other day joked, "Isn't she ever fussy?" 

Oh, people. 


Allow me Lil' Miss Sassy Pants to share.

"I just got here! I'm exhausted!"
"I'm. Not. Tired." [aka "The bedtime protest."]
"But...what if I don't want to smile?"
"No. I do NOT want to sit and take a 6-month picture!"  

"DON'T feed me peas. Ever. Again."
"Aw naw. Hell naw. What do you think you're feeding me now?"
"What do you mean I have to jump to get this Jumperoo to bounce?"  

"I told you 3 months ago: I don't want peas!"
"What do you mean I can't put my fingers in the outlets?"
"But I wanted to put Maggie's toy in my mouth! And she took it from me!"
"What do you mean I have to eat veggies before dessert?" #NotFair
"I just want someone to hold me and read to me and play with me and feed me and change me every waking minute of the day. Is that so much to ask?"

So, friends. 

You see now.

Olivia's no different than other babies -- fussy moments and all.

OK. Mayyyyybe she's cuter ;)


  1. Oh. my. lands!
    She is beautiful! (I'm a sucker for crying babies, can't help it!)

    And I'm not trying to stalk you--honest! I'm just excited to find other transracial adoptive families in Iowa! :)

  2. Haha! Thanks, Shonya!

    I know I'm biased, but I think she's adorable ALL the time -- even when she cries :)

    Happy you're here, and excited to know another trans-racial family in Iowa, too!


  3. :) I think you're probably right--she IS adorable!