Why I Dislike Halloween

Oh, Halloween. 

How I don't like thee.

Call me a party pooper. 
Call me lame. 
Call me whatcha wanna call me.

I've never really had the Halloween spirit.

[I blame it on a stupid experience when I was younger.
I was dressed up as a dice.
Yes, a dice.
{You can quit laughing now...}
And someone hollered down the street, 
"Hey, look at that lady bug!"
Apparently my box-wearing dice costume
was confused with a little polka dot pest.
It diminished my enthusiasm for dressing up.
And let's be honest, I'd rather just eat the sweets.]

But seriously.

For Olivia's sake, I'm trying to get in the Halloween spirit.

I want her to enjoy dressing up and trick-or-treating and getting her cheeks pinched for being so dang cute.

But now this Momma Bear's claws are out because shopping for a costume has proven to be a nightmare.

Not because of the scary costumes.

But because of this:
What's wrong with this screen shot of SpiritHalloween.com, you ask?

Oh, nothing.

Except for the fact that EVERY CHILD on here appears to be white.

There is no one in the entire section of baby/toddler costumes that even remotely resembles my daughter.

So, I removed the "Supergirl" costume from my shopping cart that would be super adorable on Olivia because frankly, I don't wanna do business with a place that isn't inclusive with its advertising.

Off to PartyCity.com, I go.

Oh, but wait.

Lookie what we have here:
What about the Halloween Express infant section, you ask?

Take. A. Wild. Guess.

Or just see for yourself:
Wanna take a gander at OrientalTrading.com?

Go ahead:

After store.

After store.

All white kids.

What's the big deal, you ask?

Oh, nothing...

I just have even more reasons to dislike Halloween.

Is it so hard to expect stores to incorporate more than just white people in their advertising and marketing?

I mean, seriously.

[By the way, I've reached out to these websites about their lack of diversity in advertising. I'll let you know if I hear back. In the meantime, I'd love some simple, HOMEMADE costume ideas...]

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