A New Love: An Adoptive Family Shares What They've Learned

Meet the Batterns.

Josh and Erika are dear friends of ours.

Shortly after we brought our daughter home, they came over for coffee to talk about adoption.

Fast forward a few short months, and they were on a flight hundreds of miles from home to meet their [adorable] son, Nolan!
Here are three things they've learned along the way...
Three Things I've learned about Adoption:

1. People are very curious and have many questions about adoption.

2. Until we met our son, we never knew we could love someone so much the very moment we met them.

3. Adoptive families are incredibly supportive of one another.

As part of National Adoption Month, This Family's Journey is featuring families impacted by adoption and what they've learned along the way. Wanna join in? Click here to connect. Wanna read all the guest posts from National Adoption Month? Click here.


  1. Excellent--love numbers 2 and 3 especially.

    You are prompting me to want to write my own thoughts about things I've learned about adoption these last 8-9 years! :)