Ours for 28 Years: An Adoptive Mom Shares What She's Learned

Meet the Gambles.

Judy and her husband were eager to help shine a light on adoption after adopting their daughter almost 30 years ago from a hospital in Dallas, Texas.
"We got her as soon as her birth mother left the hospital without her. So she's been ours since she was four days old," she said.
Three Things I've learned about Adoption:

1.You CAN survive infertility and still build a family.   

2. Even if you do not physically give birth to a child, you can experience unconditional love for them.  

3. I wanted to create a close Mother/Daughter bond with a baby girl like I had with my own mother, and we have achieved that. It's so cherished by both of us.

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  1. I love hearing from "veterans" of adoption! I'm so glad to read of this close relationship you have with your daughter--thanks for sharing! :)

    (I'm visiting from the IA TRA page)

  2. Hi Shonya!

    Thanks for visiting from the IA TRA page (one of my favorites, by the way!). I'm glad these stories offer encouragement for you and your beautiful family!