What I Learned From a Man Over Coffee

It was 7:45 in the morning.

I skipped going to the office and went straight to the coffee shop with my laptop in tote.

I logged on to the WiFi and sifted through email after email.

Request for this, request for that. Explanation for this. Don't understand that.


I sipped chugged my pumpkin spice latte.

[Best coping mechanism for stress ever. Just sayin'!]

And then he walked toward me.

An elderly man holding a mug of coffee walked very slowly toward me. 

"This seat taken?" he asked.

"It's all yours!" I said with a smile, leeching onto every distraction to keep me from the mounds of work piled before me.

"You working on school?" he asked as he plopped down into the chair next to me.

"Nah, I'm way past my school years," I told him with a smile, secretly praising God my frazzled self somehow appeared to be young enough to even be in school.

And I kept working.

Stuff to do, people. 
Stuff to do. 
Not enough time to do all this stuff I have to do.

The man sat and looked around, gradually sipping his cup of coffee with a grin that never left his face.

He grabbed a newspaper.

"Nice day out today, eh?" he said sarcastically as rain splattered against the windows behind us.

"Yeh, nice day to be inside!" I replied.

"Whatcha working on?" he asked.

"Oh, just a few different projects..." I told him, avoiding the minute details of the load before me.

"Yeh, the wife dropped me off for coffee late, so everyone left. But I think I'll stay here awhile...read the paper," he said. "Only thing I got planned for tonight is a steak fry!"

Must be rough, I thought...to be able to just sit and enjoy LIFE with a cup 'a Joe on a rainy day inside a coffee shop because there's nothing better to do...

And then it dawned on me.

Is there anything better to do than to enjoy the life we've been given?

Even on the dreariest, stormiest days, we can -- and should -- find something to smile about.


That pumpkin spice latte was something I should've been smiling about.

It was ah-mazing.

Instead, I was focused on the stress piled up in front of me.


Because it was in-my-face, perhaps.

But today, friends, let's do this:

Let's look past the clouds to recognize the sunshine.

Let's pop open an umbrella and walk through life's storms a bit easier.

And for Pat's sake -- that guy I met at the coffee shop -- let's appreciate a good cup of coffee.

If we spend our lives focusing on the challenges and bumps and roadblocks, we lose sight of the goodness right in front of us.

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