Making Memories

Christmas this year is one of those I remember dreaming about when we struggled with infertility.
Olivia is at the age where she looks at everything with such wonder.

Last year, I spent Christmas anchoring newscasts.

So our first Christmas as a family of three consisted of Chris and Olivia visiting me after the noon show for a catered meal in the newsroom.
This year, it's all about making a mess in the kitchen memories with my sweet fam!

We had lots of fun decorating Christmas cookies this weekend.
Olivia was amazed at how "she" could dump sprinkles out of a container onto dozens of sugar cookies [half of which we ate, by the way...].
I love her sense of wonderment and how excited she is to try new things.

And I especially love that she shares her momma's sweet tooth. ;)
But what I love most this year is that I have time to make these memories with my family.

Merry Christmas, from my "sweet" family to yours!

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