Making the "Owie" Better..Just Got Better

When your children get hurt, you'll do anything to make their "owie" better, right?
Can you see Olivia's bandage on her forehead?

Look closely.

It's not your average Band-Aid.

Actually, it's not a Band-Aid at all.

Did you know Band-Aid's "skin color" bandages match only white skin?

Yeh. Not cool, Band-Aid.

I contacted the company about a year ago to express my concerns, and a spokesperson responded with a generic, We-appreciate-your-feedback email.

Little did I know that while I reeled with frustration over the lack of diversity in Band-Aids, there was a man -- a dad in a transracial family built by adoption -- finding a solution for bandage equality.
 Meet Tru-Colour Bandages: The real skin colored bandages.
These work just like any other bandage, except they match Olivia's beautiful skin tone!
And they come in this convenient waterproof bag instead of a flimsy box, so it's easy to slide in my purse or Olivia's diaper bag.

Making the "owie" better, just got better, dontcha think?

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  1. Cool! We use clear bandages, recommended to me by a Black friend. But I may have to check these out as well.