Birth Moms: The [Real] Brave Women

It's no secret I L-O-V-E talking about this girl and her adorable scrunched-nose smiles.

I LOVE talking about how she joined our family.

And how adoption has blessed us in so many ways.

Out of respect for my daughter and her birth family, I don't publicize details about why Olivia joined our family.

Frankly, I don't feel like it's anyone's business except ours.

But I will say this...

I wish everyone could meet her birth mom.

I wish everyone could see her strength.

Her selfessness.

And her love for this little girl.

A former classmate of mine sent me a link to this blog post written by a birth mom.

It is so powerful.

And raw.


If you have time to read it, please do.

Reading that blog post got me thinking...

How often do "we" (as a society) judge birth mothers?

A lot of people assume birth mothers are drug addicted women who slept around and, "Whoops, I
got pregnant, but I don't care...I guess I'll give up the baby because I don't want it."

This is SO FAR from the truth.

I know this because I know Olivia's birth momma.

I hugged her.

Many 'a times.

I told her, "I hope Olivia turns out just like you."

And I meant it.

Every. Single. Word.

I love this woman like I love the rest of my family.

And I always will.

I know I've emphasized the importance of understanding adoptive families and what many of us go through.

But today, I challenge you to think about how you think about birth moms.

Are your assumptions or judgements fair?

These women are the brave ones.

Their selfless choices make families like mine a reality.
Birth moms like Olivia's make this reaching-for-a-hug-in-my-cute-sneakers moment possible. ;-)

And for that, I'll ALWAYS be grateful.