A 12-Hour Whirlwind

I called the attorney as promised and left a voicemail:

told me about a little girl 
born today who needs a family. 
I'm calling to see 
if I could pass along 
your information to our former adoption consultant. 
Give me a call back when you can."

The attorney called back less than 15-minutes later.

She told me about a little girl.

Kendra was her name.

And she was gorgeous.

She asked me about our former adoption consultant, and the adoption of our daughter.

She asked me about Olivia, our relationship with her birth mom, and our experiences as a transracial family.

My heart started racing.

Why is she asking me questions about our family?

If that wasn't a God nudge...

My head was spinning.
We don't have a crib. We don't have a high chair. We don't have an infant car seat anymore. We just packed away the bottles and burp cloths and few newborn clothes we still had. I don't have time off work. What would we do about daycare? How would we afford another private adoption? All of our adoption paperwork expired six months ago...
I told the attorney my reservations excuses but assured her I'd help find that baby girl a family.

I hung up my phone and set it on our kitchen counter.

I couldn't stop thinking about her.

When Chris got home from work, I told him about Kendra.

"Let's do it!" he said.

"Whatever is meant to be... is meant to be," he said. "We can work out the details."

[Sheesh. My husband. His faith.]

We called the attorney back late that night, and we told her we would love for Kendra's birth momma to consider our family.

Then we had our parents and a small handful of dear friends pray about it.

Our former adoption consultant and social worker volunteered their help in the wee hours of the night. 

And 12 nerve-wrecking, stomach-churning hours later, I got THE phone call at work:

"She chose you. How soon did you guys want to get here?"
In a series of fast events, we left work [thank goodness for colleagues with strong family values], our family picked up Olivia and Maggie, and some of our dear friends filled up our car with tons of baby clothes, diapers, wipes, fuel cards...even "It's a Girl!" decorations.

We grabbed inhaled some cheeseburgers from a Culver's drive-thru, then bought a new car seat in a record amount of time.

[Seriously. Who goes to Wal Mart and buys a car seat in under 3-minutes? Yeh. We do.]

Before we knew it, we were on the road to meet Kendra, a beautiful, perfect little girl who had already made her way deep into our hearts.

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  1. And I'm crying... Love this! What a blessing.

  2. Goosebumps..and tears of joy! Congrats to your family!! We have girls crib bedding you can have if interested!

  3. I consider myself so blessed to pray for your growing family!