A Photographer With a Heart for Adoption

In 12-hours, we were chosen to be a sweet baby girl's parents.

In 12-hours, we went from a family of three to a family of FOUR with two babes under the age of two.

I've shared how this whirlwind adoption changed our lives, and how the generosity of others has been overwhelming.
When a local newborn photographer offered to take Kendra's pictures for FREE, my heart about exploded.
You see, the adoption process is expensive. It's costly. So for families like ours, it can be hard to spend hundreds of dollars on photos.

Two sisters own Sweet {little} You Photography, and both of 'em have a heart for adoption.
When Amy told me they volunteer their talents behind-the-camera for adoptive families like ours, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.
And to see images like this one of a beautiful little girl who I get to call "my daughter" -- I'm speechless.

To find a photographer who offers special services for adoptive families near you, check out Red Thread Sessions.

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