An Open Letter To the White Momma of a Black Child

As mothers, we are tasked with the great responsibility to teach our children how to navigate this world, yet we'll never really know what it's like to weave through it in the skin our children live in.
Click below to read my letter to white moms raising black children:
Disclaimer: While coming to grips with the racial divide in this country is a heavy load for me to carry, I fully acknowledge this weight is nothing compared to those who live and experience it every day.

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  1. Hi Shelley,
    I'm so happy I came across your blog. I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa, and have been living in St. Louis for about 12 years after I came here to complete my Master of Social Work. I suppose I somehow connected to your blog via a friend or family member still in Iowa, but I don't quite remember... it just feels serendipitous, somehow.
    After I finished my MSW in 2005, I found myself drawn to working in the field of foster care/adoption. Foster care/adoption has always felt to me like a calling, and like something that is just so fundamentally important to our society and to families. After being in the field quite a few years, I met and married my husband in 2012. You might be able to predict the next part of the story....
    We have been strugggling with infertility. We are still trying to have a biological child, but I am also looking toward the future. I feel that my call toward my line of work over ten years ago might also be a call to adopt. But it's so hard, also wanting to have our biological child.
    Anyway, my intention of course isn't to burden you with my personal story, but to thank you. You are an eloquent writer, and your heart, your faith, and your thoughtful attention to the complicated issues of infertility, transracial adoption, and other concerns is so inspiring. Of all the materials I've read, and groups I've attended, your site has made me feel less alone. Like our journeys mirror one another somehow (and maybe it has a bit to do with the Iowa girl thing, too)! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.

    Take care,
    Sara (Strausser) Snyder