Dear Kendra...

Dear Kendra,

Wow, baby girl.

God must realllllly like seeing your daddy and me scramble...

What a [welcomed] surprise you are to our family! 

How lucky we are to have friends and parents who act quickly. They literally threw stuff in the back of our car -- clothes, food, fuel cards, notes of encouragement...even "It's a Girl" decorations!
And then we hit the road.
We were exhausted and running off of excitement and cheeseburgers from a Culver's drive-thru. 

When we finally got to the hospital, it was late.

And the elevator wasn't working to get to the third floor.

We felt like we had to run through a maze to find you. 

Our hearts were racing. 

We were so anxious!

The nurses on the third floor were expecting us.

We could tell because they smiled at us the moment we turned the corner.

They ushered us quietly into Room 303.

We took off our coats.

And then it happened.

My heart literally almost stopped beating when they wheeled you in.

You, my dear, took my breath away.
With awe, I looked down at you sleeping peacefully in your plastic bassinet.

How could I be deserving to be chosen as the mother of such a beautiful, perfect miracle?
Oh, Kendra...
I could hardly wait to swoop you up into my arms.
And as amazing as it was to hold you and snuggle you, it was even more special when I watched your daddy.

He held you close.

He leaned his head close to yours and whispered, "Hi Kendra, this is your daddy," and my heart melted.
You, sweet girl, are such a blessing.
You are loved beyond measure.

You are wanted. Wished for. Prayed for.


We are so grateful your brave, beautiful birth momma chose life -- and our family -- for you.

While the road ahead isn't crystal clear, we are choosing to trust in His plan and love you as our daughter without reservation.

Love you always, baby girl.


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  1. Congrats on the addition of your second beautiful baby girl! Hope everyone is doing well!

  2. GIRL -- you're making me cry! I am amazed, in awe and so overjoyed for how God worked this beautiful surprise for your family! Praying for you as you walk this journey! Congratulations!

  3. Reading this simple, sweet post brought tears to me eyes. Tears of happiness. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!! How exciting! Can't wait to read more about your new addition!

  5. Crying again. You have such a beautiful family and a great life outlook!

  6. What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations on your new addition, it was meant to be for sure! God Bless!

  7. Love this! So excited to have Miss Kendra as a part of the fam!

  8. I read this post the other day and just reread it for the Adoption Talk Link Up. I love the two stories of your daughters adoptions. Your family is beautiful and I look forward to seeing these two sweet sisters grow up together!

  9. Love your stories of your adoptions. Congratulations.