Stephanie, the Messenger

When I was in TV and blogging about the adoption process of our daughter, I connected with a woman named Stephanie.
Stephanie is married and the [Super] Mom of five children.

Four of her children are biological, and a beautiful daughter completed her family through adoption just a few months before we brought our daughter home.

Stephanie initially reached out to me over Facebook because of our shared experience as adoptive mommas in a transracial family.

Sometimes, it was difficult for me to tell who was genuine because I was a local TV personality.

But I knew Stephanie was real.

We had a legit connection right away.

Often times, trans-racial families share an unspoken bond with other families that look like theirs.

And that was certainly the case for us.

Stephanie has been a constant support for me as I've navigated a few bumps in the road with being a white momma to a beautiful black baby girl.

We just "get" each other.

What I didn't know, though, was that God had something more than a friendship in store for us.

About a year after connecting with each other, Stephanie would prove to be a messenger and deliver an important memo -- one that would stir my heart and change our family in an instant.
After calling Stephanie and getting the details of a healthy baby girl, I promised her I'd call the attorney.

"We're in no position to adopt again right now -- all of our paperwork is expired -- but I'll get details and see if I can pass them along to our adoption consultant. I bet she knows someone," I said.

"I was really hoping it was you," Stephanie insisted. "I just feel like it's supposed to be you and Chris, Shelley..."

I laughed.

Stephanie didn't.

"Girl, this was not on our radar AT ALL! I'll call the attorney and get details to pass along, though. We'll definitely find a family for this baby," I said.

What I didn't know, however, was that the family would be mine.

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