Top 5: Why I'm Grateful to be out of the TV Biz [Today]

Here's a picture of me last winter with one of my favorite photographers, Tanner.

We took this before a 6:00 live shot after more than a week of covering snow-related stories.

Today, I feel it's appropriate to leave you with the top five reasons I'm grateful to be out of the TV biz:
1- Snot doesn't have to freeze running down my nose.

2- I don't have to wear 239084 layers to work.

3- I don't have to stay overnight in a hotel downtown to cover night shifts AND morning shifts with no sleep.

4- I don't have to be ON the road and tell people NOT to be on the road.

5- I don't have to worry about calling street workers, plow drivers, police, emergency personnel and tow truck drivers and try to convince them for an interview while they're swamped.

While I miss the urgency of TV news and appreciate good journalists and meteorologists [which so often goes unnoticed, by the way...], I'm grateful I get to stay home tonight and snuggle up next to the fireplace with the people I love.

Be safe, friends.

From your former "Snow Reporter."

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