Why We Care Less

I grabbed my coffee and lunch, then kissed my babes goodbye as I ran out the door for work.

"Bye, See ya!" yelled Olivia as she waved goodbye.

I threw my stuff in the car, turned on the ignition and backed out.



Chunks of the side mirror fell to the concrete as I backed out of the garage.

I was in such a hurry and assumed I had plenty of room to reverse without sideswiping.

My bad.

During my 30-minute commute to work, I kept glancing over at the mirror. 

Part of me was mad.

Yet, part of me didn't really even care.

Because it's a vehicle.

A nice, expensive, new-ish vehicle, but a vehicle nonetheless.

Between car seat swaps, shoving Pack 'n Plays into tight spaces, and trying to break down a stroller with a diaper bag, 1-year old and groceries in tow, our car and SUV have taken some hits.

We used to care about this stuff more.

But since we brought our daughter home, we've learned to live with the mess and accept the chaos of being parents.

Being parents has ruined our desire to have a picture-perfect life.

Most of the time, our living room is filled with toys and books.
And a smiley little girl behind it all...

Our sink has piles of day-old dirty dishes.

And our dryer never fails to have a load of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away.

But you know what?

All the mess, the chaos...even the broken side mirrors are okay.

We've got more important things going on in this house.

We're busy making memories.

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