A Weekend Away

On the Road...

On Friday afternoon, I packed my bags, dropped off the girls with my mom and hit the road for a four-hour long drive to Northwest Illinois.

Truth: About 90-minutes into the drive, I realized I forgot to turn the radio on.

I guess I was so busy savoring the peace and quiet I didn't realize there was no music on!

My weekend away at a Created for Care Mini Retreat was just getting started.

The Connection...

I can't even begin to explain how this weekend at Park Hills Church touched my heart.

Fellowship with mommas-turned-friends who have similar hearts for adoption and foster care was just what I needed.
Our time together started with recognizing 25 women who -- together -- care for and love more than 80 children -- 40 of them brought into their families through adoption.

Along with four other women, I was honored to speak about the adoption process of our daughters, how we handle ignorant adoption comments, and what advice I have for people considering the process.
Straight to the Heart...

I found myself scribbling so many notes during the breakout sessions...moments that stirred my heart, made me sad, and made me grateful.

You guys, I soaked in so much fantastic insight about connecting with our children, what black women want moms like me to know about raising black children, and how we are equipped, chosen and gifted for our families.

It was exactly what this momma needed.

It's hard to find the right words to explain how amazing it was spending a weekend away with my people.

People -- moms and moms-to-be -- who have said "YES" to a journey.

A journey they, at times, have no idea where it's headed.
While our children come from hard places that can be painful, exhausting, troubling and scary...I'm reminded we should always stand ready with a tambourine.

Because no matter how bumpy the journey or where it leads us, there are always glimpses of good worth praising Him for.

Take this weekend for example: Days filled with many glimpses of good and incredible moments of thankfulness.

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