Momma's Sweeties

This morning I woke up to a lil' gal and her daddy tip-toeing through the house.
"Cawshee! Mommy Cawshee!" yelled Olivia excitedly while she helped hold a coffee mug full of my morning pick-me-up.

In the 11 Valentine's Days that Chris and I have been together, we actually haven't celebrated the so-called "holiday."

We know we love each other.

I told him years ago I don't need a fancy night out, a $15 card and a $75+ bouquet of roses to mark the occasion.


I'd rather lounge around in sweat pants all day! ;)


That's why my morning cup of coffee Cawshee was perfect!

That -- and I get to spend the whole day eating cupcakes and snuggling with my sweeties!
What better way to spend a day celebrating LOVE than with the ones you love most?

I can't think of anything either ;)

Happy Valentine's Day -- from my sweeties to yours!