Words Matter.

I was running errands the other day and a woman stopped me in my tracks.

"Hey - does Olivia have a sister?"

"Yes!" I said with a smile.

"I mean, are they actually sisters?" she asked.

[Insert jaw drop here.]

"Ummm, yes?" I said.

"I mean, are they from the same family?" she asked.

[Insert self control to avoid eye rolling here.]

I took a deep breath.

"Yes. Olivia and Kendra are sisters. They are both part of our family," I clarified.

And then it dawned on me.

Why does it matter to this woman who my children were born to?

Sure, some people are curious.

But why does it really matter if my two precious daughters -- who have the same forever family -- were born into the same first family?

I would never go up to someone and say, "Hey, did you conceive your two children in the same place? In the same way?"

That'd totally be too much information, right?

A bit invasive, you could say...
So why is it important for others to know if these two sweet little girls share genetics?

It's not.
They're both equally beautiful.

I know, I know.

Soooo many people think they look alike.

That's cool. You can think that. Ain't nothin' wrong with that...

But remember this:

Words matter.

Please, don't ever question my daughters' personal stories and their sisterhood or the integrity of our family, and especially don't do it in front of them.

Little ears are listening and little eyes are watching.

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