Goodbye, Home.

To say things are a bit crazy 'round here is an understatement.

Not only am I leaving my job to become a stay-at-home momma, I'm packing boxes and making countless trips to Goodwill so we have less stuff to move.


We're moving.
Even before we were chosen to be Kendra's parents, we knew we'd eventually move our family to a more diverse community with culture and openness.

It broke our hearts to imagine Olivia as the only black girl in her school.

That -- and to be completely honest -- we don't want our girls to be known as the "colored girls" at the playground or gawked at because of their so-called "big hair."

Don't get me wrong, we love the comfort our hometown brings us [as white, middle class folks]. This is where our roots are. Where our parents live. Where our life as a family really began.

But as a transracial family, we don't quite fit the mold.

There's no hair salon in town we can swing by to get our girls' hair done. There are rarely any black dolls on the shelves of Walmart. The only skincare products or hair accessories we can find for either of our children are tucked away in a tiny little section at the end of an aisle called "the ethnic section." Publications mailed out from businesses in town rarely feature people of color. In fact, I can't tell you one time I've ever seen a black employee on Main Street. The list goes on...

I don't say any of this to bash my hometown or the people who live here because it really is difficult to leave the place we've called home and the wonderful friendships we've made.

But we feel strongly our daughters need to be around adults, other children, teachers, neighbors, church-goers who look like them.

While this decision hasn't been easy, we've had a lot of clarity as we've prayed about it.

And in typical fashion for our family, we're scrambling with big life changes at a super-fast pace.

Seriously, God must get a kick out of watching us spin around in circles.

It's character-building, right?!

That's what we keep reminding ourselves anyway...

We know He'll weave together the intricate details of this transition in His perfect timing and that His ways are always greater than our own.

But will all y'all please pray for us?

Will you pray for our family right now? 

Pray for our house -- our beautiful house we've built our family in -- that someone buys it and treasures it as much as we have...

Pray for Chris as he transitions to a new city with a new workload and new colleagues...

Pray for our future home in our future neighborhood -- that our new neighbors embrace and welcome our family.

Oh, and Des Moines: We're coming for you!


  1. Welcome to the area you guys!! And as hard as it is to leave your parents/families/friends you guys are making a great decision to help your daughters/future children "fit in" more. We're praying for you guys and wish you the best of luck!!

  2. It is an honor to pray for you all--for all you've requested, as well as for His peace and stillness to fill and overwhelm your hearts as you've been moved and spun and scrambled! I was just thinking the other day about how there always seems to be some colossal change happening in your lives--whew! What a story! And what a story He'll continue to write through you all as you follow His leading throughout your lives! Chaotic at times, I'm sure, but certainly beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journey. :)

  3. I think its really awesome you guys are doing this for your family. We are lucky to have lived in a diverse city to start with, but I can only imagine how tough it would be to uproot my family, even when you know it's for the best. Praying for you guys as you get settled in!