Your Voice Matters

A few weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to lawmakers about proposed legislation that directly impacts families like mine.

In less than 24-hours, more than 12,000 of you read it.


I was shocked, too.

But I kept feeling a nudge: Do more.

And so we did.
A handful of us spent an entire day outside of our comfort zones and inside our beautiful state Capitol advocating for change.

I thought I knew politics, but I was wrong.

Neutrally covering politics for TV news is quite different than meeting legislators and having a vested interest in the work they're doing.
It was great to thank Sen. Jeff Danielson in person for supporting Iowa families like ours. He is committed to equality, and we're grateful to have him advocating for Iowa families.
I am humbled and honored that so many legislators took time out of their day to meet us and hear why equality for adoptive families is so important.
Sen. Matt McCoy has some young "fans" in our kiddos! He was one of the original sponsors of the proposed legislation that would impact families like ours. 
It was validating to hear from lawmakers who agree that adoptive parents should receive an equal amount of paid "maternity leave" as birth parents.
Our group got to meet Rep. Charlie McConkey who is a supporter of equality for adoptive families. He introduced our group to the entire House after they gaveled in at 1 p.m,. We're so grateful for his advocacy.
While it was great to meet and thank people who believe in what we're advocating for, the day also allowed us the opportunity to talk with legislators who were unfamiliar with the proposed legislation, and we got to explain why it's so important for Iowa families.
The bottom line is this:

When our families [built via adoption] are seen equally by employers, we're better employees. When we're better employees, our businesses are stronger. When our businesses are stronger, our communities thrive.

This proposed legislation is good for people, families, businesses and communities.

It's a win-win-win-win.
And you know what else I consider a 'win?'

That I can still feel my neck and shoulders after weaving our way through the Capitol with two kids and diaper bags in tow!

But seriously, friends.

Your voice matters.

Use it.

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