Life Changes In An Instant

Apparently taking recyclables down three steps can uproot your life in an instant.

I wish I could say I saved a dozen school kids from getting hit by an erratic semi driver and broke my foot when I jumped in front of them.

Alas, I have the humiliating admission that I just FELL.

Down two of three steps.

After an entire night of excruciating pain, my husband [bless him] carried me through the threshold of a hospital entryway and plopped me into a wheelchair; he pushed me through cold, empty hallways, and we waited hours for an X-ray before I was given the boot -- literally.
I got this boot. Crutches. And some heavy pain killers.

Plus words from a doctor I didn't want to hear:
I'd like you to get a second opinion. Your foot is broken in an usual spot. I'm not sure if you'll need surgery, but I want you to see a specialist next week.
Surgery or not, I'll need to hobble around on crutches and a boot for at least a few months.

It's certainly not how I anticipated enjoying the summer while my husband works and stays 2.5 hours away and I watch two kiddos and try to show and sell our house.

If there's anything I've learned in these past 48-hours, it's that life can change drastically in an instant. It's amazing what we can so easily take for granted when we are healthy and able to move freely. But sometimes we get stopped in our tracks. And just like that, everything is different and harder than it used to be.

For now, I'm attempting to put one foot in front of the other -- baby steps with a 20-pound boot, crutches and a village of family and friends who give me a boost when I feel like throwing in the towel.

If there's anything I'm grateful for, it's that there is such beauty in those around me during the midst of life-changing circumstances.

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