What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Dear spouses everywhere [okay, maybe just my husband, but whatever.]...

Mother's Day will come and go again this year.

And I'll tell ya the same thing I did last year (and the year before that, and the year before that...):

I don't want to go to church.

'Cause I kinda wanna wear sweatpants all. day. long. And maybe not do my hair.

I wannna sleep in. Just an extra 20-minutes will do.

And pleassssse... 

Please forego the $10 Hallmark card telling me "Happy Mother's Day" from the kids.

I love Hallmark and all, but can we spend the $10 on something else?

[Think coffee. This or this perhaps?]
Mother's Day
I don't need a ring or a necklace or any jewelry with birth stones or mom-engraved messages.

Instead, maybe you can have the girls make me some bling with those leftover mac 'n cheese noodles that exploded got thrown all over the kitchen floor like two weeks ago?

Hey. Cleaning AND crafting? A win-win.

Just sayin'...

And while you're on your hands and knees scrounging up those old macaroni noodles for that handmade necklace, can you maybe sweep up those dreaded oatmeal flakes that make me cringe every time I open up the pantry door in the morning?

That'd seriously be like the best gift ever.

You think I'm kidding...but I'm not. I hate those $%#% oatmeal flakes. And I hate even more that I never make time to sweep 'em up.
But really...

The truth is we [moms] just want to feel loved and appreciated and valued.

And you don't need to go out of your way to do that.
Mom and Daughter
We don't need fancy flowers or balloons or chocolates...a fresh-picked dandelion bouquet from the yard is just as beautiful next to handmade cards decorated by the kids.
Daughter and Mom
Seriously, though...

It's the little things that matter most.

Like changing that extra diaper, or taking out the trash or cleaning the toilets...or even just saying, "Hey, why don't you take five minutes to pee or pluck your eyebrows or just B R E A T H E by yourself in complete silence without the pitter-pattering of little feet and screams demanding your attention every waking second of the day?"
Mom With Two Kids Under Two
Because at the end of the day, we [moms] are more than moms. We're women who are just trying to do our best day in and day out with the most important, rewarding and exhausting job in the world.

And sometimes we just want to know we're doing okay.

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