These Are Our Children

I'm hurt.

I'm angry.

And I'm terrified that my daughters have to grow up in this world.


Lemme show you why:

Yesterday, this video started popping up all of my Facebook news feed from McKinney, Texas.

When I watched it on my phone, my jaw hit the floor and my heart sank.

My two precious daughters were innocently and intently watching Barney, and I sat behind them with tears rolling down my face.

"Mommy sad?" Olivia asked as she broke her gaze away from her purple dinosaur friend on the TV.

My chin quivered.

I quickly joined in her singing so as to distract her from the suffocating feelings of this unfair, unjust world wedged deep within the crevasses of my heart.

But even the happiest of songs couldn't keep tears from bubbling over the corners of my eyes because all I could think about was that teenage girl leaving a pool party in her bikini and her brown body getting slammed on the ground with her face shoved into the grass while a 200-pound man jabbed his knees into her spine before straddling her.
Brandon Brooks YouTube Video
Screenshot Credit: Brandon Brooks/YouTube

How ANY mother -- any parent -- can watch this video and not be outraged is beyond me.

How ANY parent can sit back and condone a power-tripping police officer waving his gun around a bunch of [black] children is repulsive.

These are our children. 
"Sir? Sir. We just came to a birthday party. Please..."
Someone please tell me why these kids deserved to be dehumanized -- thrown on the ground like garbage, cussed at, handcuffed and treated like dirt.
"Officer, I can't find my bike..."
Someone please tell me why these teenagers deserved to carelessly have a loaded gun pointed at their faces by a man sworn to serve and protect all people by the letter of the law.

Please. Enlighten me on the egregious racism shown in this video.

I am not black, but my beautiful daughters are.

I am not black, but I see the pain, the injustice and the inequality shown to people of color every day.

And I care.

And frankly, I think we all should.

PS: Brandon Brooks -- Thank you.
PPS: Before you comment, please know this is not an anti-police post. I am pro-police with a belief that systematic racism exists and must change, and the first step is recognizing it. I believe there are many good police officers who do great work in their communities. For more on my stance, click here.

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