What I'm Learning With My Feet Up

Recovering From Broken Foot
It's been a month of having my foot out of commission.

A month of pain pills, a bulky, heavy boot over my foot, no driving, and no fancy summer drinks on the deck.

For weeks, I've had to depend on everyone around me to take care of our two girls while my husband works 2.5 hours away, and we keep praying about a move.

To say the past few weeks have been trying would be a vast understatement. Fortunately, there are multiple seasons of Scandal to catch up on. [That show is legit, folks. Check out Season 1 HERE!]

But seriously...here are six things I've learned while recovering from this injury:

1. It's okay to slow down. Literally.

Errands and entertaining can wait.

I think often times we're so busy, we forget to just sit and BE.

Turns out, when you've got nowhere to go except doctor's appointments and physical therapy sessions -- plus no way of really getting anywhere -- you learn to make your own type of fun.

Sure, sometimes that fun consists of singing "Skidamarinky Dinky Dink," 230974 times in a row, but you know what? That's okay!

[Side note: Kids can be entertained for HOURS just by singing. Just sayin'...]

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

And it's okay to accept help when it's offered.

Whether it's a ride to the hospital or help with laundry or a refill of my chocolate stash, I'm learning to ask for a hand and accept the help when it's offered.

3. Being patient is hard.

I'm learning to become far more patient than I've ever wanted to be.

Apparently, rare bone breaks take awhile to heal.

I've always been the type to want things done right away, but this ordeal has certainly tested my patience in all aspects possible.

4. It's good to plan ahead.

I'm learning how great it is to plan easy meals and prepare for the week ahead.

I've been able to find new, easy recipes on Pinterest and get 'em ready before the week starts.

5. Physical therapists are amazing.

Look, science is not my forte. At all.

And there is some truth that "PT" could also mean "Physical Torture."

But you guys... the human body and how we're built is fascinating. Seriously.

I'm grateful I get to spend three days a week with a gal who doesn't complain about rubbing my black and blue foot (And who likes my polish!).

Plus, I'm convinced she'll have me in better shape than I was before I broke my foot. Sah-weeet!

6. Gratitude runs deep.

You're never too old to depend on your parents or your spouse's parents or your friends for help.

I can't tell you how great it is to have dear friends and family members who genuinely care about my recovery.

Here's hoping I'll be back on my feet soon [literally].

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

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