Goodbye Home
Most of the walls are empty now.
Goodbye Home
Photos and frames are bubble-wrapped and stored gently into FRAGILE-marked boxes.

And it's starting to sink in that we're leaving the place we built our family in.

It's a place that, for us, has symbolized so much hope.

You see, God blessed us not only with this beautiful home, but His plans for our family inside.

After years of heartache with infertility, this house offered us a fresh start.

Chris got back into the social work field, and I kept chasing stories for TV.

Most importantly, though, our dream of a family came true here.
Home Living Room
It was in this living room where we sat on the couch and decided, “Let’s do this. Let’s grow our family through adoption."
Home Staircase
Six months later, it was this staircase that I ran nearly fell down one August morning after we received a phone call that we had been chosen as parents for a beautiful baby girl.

This house was the place where friends and family welcomed Olivia home.
Home Kitchen
And 18-months later, it was in this kitchen that we learned about Kendra from family friends.

We brought our babies home here.

We cried when Olivia met her sister for the first time snuggled tightly in a bassinet in our living room.
House Dining Room
We watched them try their first foods in our dining room. They both hated green beans or "mean greens" as Olivia calls them.

We watched our girls learn to crawl in this house, cheered as Olivia took her first steps and cried when she started running.
Home Living Room
We smiled every Thursday morning when Olivia excitedly ran to peek out the front window and catch a glimpse of the "trash tractor."
As a family, we've grown; we've changed in this house.

We've prayed together, we've laughed, we've argued and forgiven, we've cried…but most of all we've loved BIG inside this house.

Tonight I'm praying that as we say goodbye to this place, He provides for us yet again with finding new owners who love this home as much as we have.

I’m praying for this move to be a blessing for our family.

For us to meet new friends, find a new home to plant roots in and keep watching our story unfold.

Goodbye, home.

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