Our Move + Exhaustion

"I found a new recipe for cookies [on Pinterest]. I'm gonna take the girls to the store to get the ingredients. Be back in a bit!"

That was the text I sent my husband while he was finishing things up at work.

I knew he'd beat us home for dinner. And he knows a "quick" trip to Target typically turns into more of a field trip for our toddler and baby.

I pulled in the parking lot.

"Shopping at Target! Go shopping at Target!" my two-year old yelled excitedly as I unbuckled her from her car seat.

I smiled, attempted to look put together while juggling both girls in my arms with my purse sliding halfway down my shoulder and trying to lock the car.

Yep. Keepin' it classy up in here, folks.

But the truth is, I hadn't been feeling the best.
Moving to New City

Our move had me completely exhausted.

I was so wiped I felt like I could sleep all day and still be tired.

A simple trip to Target required mustering up all the energy I've had these days.

And gosh, if Target can't wake me up with the fresh aroma of Starbucks coffee in the entrance, I don't know what can...

The exhaustion was real.

After a few days, I told Chris I needed to get checked out. Maybe my blood sugar was low. Maybe I needed acupuncture to reset my chi. Maybe I just needed an IV of caffeine.

Shoot. I dunno...but something had to give. My body was trying to tell me something...I just didn't know what.

So days after our move, I found myself scouring the internet searching for the closest family doctor.

While I'm okay, what happened next was completely shocking.

[See next: At the Doctor's Office]

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